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Aircraft Rides

Plans are to have several JAARS' Helio Courier, a Pilatus PC-6 aircraft and a Robinson R44 helicopter. Rides will also be available in a 1943 Stearman biplane.
Aircraft are subject to change.

Suggested donation's for rides are:
- $25 for the JAARS Helio Courier, Pilatus PC-6, and Cessna 206
- $30 for the JAARS helicopter
- $250 for a 20-min ride in a 1943 Stearman biplane. Riders must be able to enter and exit aircraft without assistance.
Subject to change

All passengers, regardless of age must present a completed liability waiver form before receiving a ticket. Those under 18 must have a form signed by a parent/guardian.

JAARS' Helio Courier
JAARS Cessna 206

JAARS' Helicopter

1943 Stearman rides for sale
1943 Stearman

Liability Waiver Form

JAARS (Helio Courier, Cessna 206, PC-6, Helicopter):

Preferred Airparts, Priority Air Charter aircraft:

Guest Speaker Roster

We will have an outstanding roster of guest speakers for Sunday Sept. 27. Some will be available prior to Sunday for special church meeting, home groups and more.
Information to come.


For more information please contact: Ryan Mathys, Preferred Airparts, P.O. Box 12, Kidron, OH 44636

Tel 330-698-0280 ext. 227 - Fax 330-698-3164 - E-mail: mata@preferredairparts.com

This event is brought to the community by the management, employees and families of:
Priority Air Charter, www.flypac.net - Preferred Airparts, www.preferredairparts.com - AFM Hardware, www.afmhardware.com